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24/02/2018 – REPORT – KOC-R2 – Gas Recreation FC versus Coggeshall United FC


KNOCK-OUT CUP            –         ROUND 2


EXTRA-TIME:        1 – 1.                   

PENALTIES:          3 – 1.


Date:   Saturday 24th February 2018.                      Venue:                        Bromley Road, Colchester.


It was ESBFL Knock-Out Cup week and with the top two, Premier Division teams being drawn against each other in Round 2, it really was a game not to miss, and I mean that sincerely folks! The sun was out but the strong wind from the east was very cold over at Bromley Road, Colchester, in Round One, the home team, Gas Recreation FC had beaten neighbours Boxted Lodgers FC whereas Coggeshall United FC had despatched Colne Engaine FC.


With this being an all Premier Division team clash there were three officials duly appointed by the ECFA, these being Match Referee, Philip Molloy who would be assisted by John Watson and Luke Mayhew, another official I had not met before.


Gas Rec kicked off by launching the ball long directly to keeper, Joyce who returned the ball into the Gas half whereupon home keeper, Morrison, launched a high ball deep into the Coggeshall half, after one bounce near the edge of the penalty area the ball travelled towards Joyce who clutched the ball high in the air only to be flattened by Firkens for the first free-kick of the match. Keeper, Joyce cleared the ball long to Mensah who was fouled by Taylor (R) on the half-way line and almost immediately Mensah fouled Craig thus setting an early pattern of play, ie too many free-kicks. With only five minutes played Loveridge pushed the ball behind Minter who turned to chase Akurang and by clipping the heels of the player from behind received the first caution of the match, a close call of being the last player perhaps but dealt with correctly. A corner from Firkens curled goalwards only to clip the top of the crossbar but the wind was already having an effect with Gas just having the benefit of it blowing marginally in their favour, Girling forced a handball off Cant who really had little chance to move out of the way with Craig sweeping the free-kick just over the cross-bar. When Coggeshall threatened, Marangou headed out to concede a corner, taken by Fennell but straight into the hands of keeper, Morrison.

Up till twenty minutes the game was fairly even, littered by too many misplaced passes and free-kicks, that said Coggeshall put together the best move so far with Fennell finding Akurang in space but Taylor (L) cleared the ball only as far as Hayes who snatched his shot wide of the goal. The game livened up on twenty-five minutes with the dismissal of Taylor (R), this for serious foul play after a reckless challenge on Cant, who needed treatment before continuing. Would this be the game changer, well no, anyone who knows “the Gas” will know they rarely capitulate in these situations and opposition teams often struggle against “the ten men” but there is still an hour to go, let’s wait and see. Another free-kick, this time a foul wide on the right side by Akurang on Minter led to Morrison striking the free-kick from inside his own half, into the side netting with his opposite number Joyce watching the flight of the driven ball which eluded all the players congregated on the edge of the penalty area. Craig set Firkens away to win a corner off Hayes, then Cant, fouled Girling with Fennell being spoken too for disputing the decision.

Taylor (L) made a fine interception as Coggeshall broke forward through Cant, Akurang and Loveridge as if he had not timed his defensive run then the visitors would have been through on goal, Firkens for Gas was also seeing plenty of the ball down the left side but the Coggeshall defence coped well with Dalziel and Hayes missing nothing, so far. Ten minutes before half time, Gas won a corner, but Girling was still leaving the field to be substituted by Willoughby when the corner was taken meaning the home team had eleven players on the pitch, once the error was spotted the game was stopped and re-started with a drop-ball! Braddon, back with Gas after a brief sojourn with Holland FC played the ball forward to the fit again, Marangou, who was promptly fouled by Rowe setting up a free-kick close to the corner of the penalty area from where Taylor (L) drove the ball high and wide whose frustration then got the better of him when he upended Hayes as he brought the ball out of defence.


HALF-TIME:       0 – 0


Coggeshall restarted the match and adopted the same “lets the ball down the other end approach” by kicking the ball long for a goal-kick, Akurang was caught late by West but the free-kick taken by Cant failed to trouble anyone and Morrison collected on his goal-line, just as he did when West headed a deep cross from Loveridge back to him. Another long clearance from Morrison fell to Marangou who watched as Joyce advanced, only to miss-hit his clearance which was chased down for a corner kick. Coggeshall recovered with Cant linking up with Soraf who set the speedy Fennell away but rather than cross into the penalty area he chose to shoot and the ball flew over the cross-bar. At the other end Firkens was played through by Marangou, this from Craig, but his lobbed effort cleared the advancing Joyce and the cross-bar then Fennell took on Taylor (L) who was hesitant and conceded a corner but this game had opened up with ten minutes of the half elapsed. Another rare error by Taylor L) when attempting to clear the ball almost let in Akurang, Cant was caught off-side from a ball from Fennell, who then played in a fine cross from the right side which keeper, Morrison did well to clutch high off the ground.

A long ball by Taylor (L) was comfortably caught by Joyce who kicked long to his opposite number, Morrison, Akurang and Soraf worked the ball wide to Fennell whose cross was disappointing and the end-to-end play continued with Rowe making a great last ditch tackle on Willoughby, clear through on goal, near the penalty spot with the Gas player opting to speak out of turn to receive a just caution for dissent! On seventy minutes, Joyce made his first real diving save from a low shot by Willoughby, Braddon handled a clearance by Akurang and Loveridge thought he had put Akurang clear but he was marginally off-side as Gas played a high defensive line. On seventy-two minutes Gas replaced Minter with Dadds, Joyce came out of his penalty area to deny Marangou, Soraf, showed some nice footwork for a tall player to beat Craig and find Akurang whose return ball to Soraf saw his cross fly wide. Coggeshall were pressing more at this stage and when Dalziel worked the ball out of defence to Akurang, his control put him in space on the edge of the penalty area but the shot was a weak side-footed effort that keeper Morrison snapped up easily. The best, clear-cut, chance of the game came on seventy-five minutes, Cant broke down the left side to get round the back of the Gas defence and from his waist high cross, Akurang, totally unmarked, somehow managed to head the ball wide of the left hand upright and Gas breathed a sigh of relief!

Gas hit back with a Morrison clearance finding Marangou who set Willoughby up for a shot, albeit a soft effort that keeper, Joyce dived onto save at the expense of a corner, taken by Dadds but collected by Joyce and cleared long downfield to Akurang who headed on to Soraf who was unceremoniously pushed off the ball by Stoneman who was cautioned. Hayes cleared off his own goal-line after a rash attempt to clear a shot by Firkens, by his keeper, Joyce, and Joyce then excelled with a fine save from Willoughby and then again to deny the unmarked Marangou who was looking to capitalise from the rebound. Dadds fouled Loveridge with the free-kick cleared forward where Dalziel made a fine interception just as Taylor (L) pushed forward to threaten when he ran onto a pass from Marangou. In the final minute Soraf shot over the cross-bar, latching onto a pass from Dalziel and Coggeshall finished strongly with further attacks coming from Fennell, Loveridge and Akurang after the midfield of Mensah and Rowe created the chances and extra-time was now a reality.


FULL TIME:        0 – 0.


Coggeshall made their first substitution on ninety minutes replacing Rowe with Okosi as his team started the first period of extra-time and Gas forced a goal-mouth scramble when Craig almost stole in after Willoughby had headed the ball back at the far post, this from a cross from Taylor (L). In the next attack, Craig sliced the ball over the cross-bar after running onto a lobbed pass from Braddon but goal-scoring chances remained at a premium as both these competitive teams cancelled each other out. A long ball forward from Dalziel found Soraf who beat Taylor (L) but Morrison was quickly out then Akurang headed a cross from Loveridge straight at Morrison.

Five minutes into the first period of extra-time we saw a goal, close games like this can be won by a moment of magic or an error, today the latter occurred, Taylor (L) headed the ball harmlessly towards Morrison who, with Fennell running quickly in, ran forward to clear, did the ball bobble, did the keeper take his eye off the ball, no matter the keeper failed to make any connection and ANDREW FENNELL had he simplest of chances to put Coggeshall United in front.  On one hundred minutes, Gas replaced Stoneman with Hewes whilst Coggeshall replaced Loveridge with Madden and West was rightly cautioned for a rash and high challenge on Cant, just as he was about to move into the penalty area.


EXTRA-TIME      HALF-TIME:       1 – 1.


Coggeshall kicked off the last period of open play and Morrison made a fine save from Okosi, Coggeshall replaced     Fennell with Blackwell on one hundred and eight minutes, but Gas pushed forward through Firkens who passed to West running into the penalty area only to be clipped y Cant, a stumble a recovery but the referee pointed to the spot allowing REIFE MARANGOU to score and bring the scores level.

When Hewes hauled down Akurang, the free-kick from Cant was headed clear by Marangou leading to a long throw-in from Taylor (L), headed clear by Dalziel to Dadds who was tackled by Akurang. With three minutes remaining Taylor (L) leaned too hard on Cant, another free-kick, this time taken by Blackwell to Dalziel who could only steer the ball into the side netting and this last action led to the penalty shoot-out.


EXTRA-TIME      FULL-TIME:        1 – 1.



COGGESHALL UNITED FC                                          GAS RECREATION FC

  • Soraf Scores                                       Marangou                Saved                (1 – 0)
  • Madden Misses                                       Morrison                 Scores               (1 – 1)
  • Cant Misses                                       Willoughby                 Scores               (1 – 2)
  • Blackwell Misses                                       Craig                      Scores               (1 – 3)
  • Not required


RESULT:              GAS RECREATION FC win on spot-kicks by three (3) to one (1).


When speaking to the match officials before this game commenced I mentioned that this game might well go to extra-time and penalties, which two of them acknowledged as they knew these teams really well. So no surprise then, that this is how the game panned out, on the balance of clear cut chances, Coggeshall had more chances but only took the one, a gift from the home keeper but the ten men of Gas Rec never give up and got a late, late penalty to take the game into the penalty shoot-out. So who would keep their nerve, well clearly the home did as despite their first kick being saved, Coggeshall contrived to miss the target three times thereafter to queue wild celebrations.


Now, for my Man-of-the-Match selection, the return of Braddon will strengthen the Gas midfield, missing the injured Gregory, and he was his obstinate self, breaking up attack after attack, sticking a boot in here or there to frustrate the opposition whilst creating the odd chance. Captain, Morrison was his vociferous self and had a sound game excepting the error for the Coggeshall goal, he even blasted home a spot-kick when it mattered and Firkens was a tricky customer when on the ball. Moving to the Coggeshall United team they are primarily a young team who can certainly play football, if not score penalties, but they can be a lottery late in the game, keeper Joyce looked fairly confident throughout, made the odd mistake but who doesn’t! Soraf strolled through midfield, I thought he was a defender, but with Hayes and Dalziel solid in defence he could play in a more forward position. The pace of Fennell and Loveridge and the guile of Akurang tested the home defence who were equally stubborn when under attack whilst Mensah, Rowe and Clark competed well against the physical presence of their opposite numbers, playing for Gas Rec. My usual plan is to make a note against a player/s who has/have a decent or influential match and throughout whilst defender Hayes played well it was the more experienced Dalziel who stood out alongside him.




GAS RECREATION FC:                Colours: Red & Black Shirts, Black Shorts and Red Socks.

Glen Morrison (C)., Craig Minter., Jack Stoneman., Lee Braddon., Luke Taylor., Dean West., Eldon Craig., Reife Marangou., Ryan Taylor., Ben Girling., Asten Firkens.


Manager:                        Simon Hayward.

Assistant Manager:           Calvin Firkens.

Used Substitutes:             Harry Willoughby., Harry Hews., Liam Dadds.

Unused Substitutes:         Jack Murray., Ryan Dale.



COGGESHALL UNITED FC:          Colours: Light Blue & Black Hooped Shirts, Light Blue Shorts and Light Blue Socks.

Daniel Joyce., Andrew Fennell., Adrian Cant., Jack Hayes., John Clark., Joshua Dalziel., Abednego Mensah (C)., Dominic Rowe., Cliff Akurang., Lewis Soraf., Ricky Loveridge.


Manager:                        Cliff Akurang.

Assistant Manager:           Scott Hiskey.

Used Substitutes:             Thomas Blackwell., Ben Madden., Marley Okosi.

Unused Substitutes:         Dylan Awulonu.



Referee:                        Phillip Molloy                               (Colchester)

Assistants:                      John Watson                               (Colchester)

Luke Mayhew                              (Wormingford)


Man of the Match:          Joshua DALZIEL.                           (COGGESHALL UNITED FC)






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