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ESBFL – Reporting Results – Rules: 11(A)., 11(B)., 11(D) and 13(H)

REPORTING RESULTS – Rule 11(A) and Other Information

A number of Member Clubs have to date, failed to add player information for a yellow card, two yellow cards or a red card either onto their Team Sheet or onto the “Full-Time” system.

All clubs were informed at the AGM that this was a new requirement for this season and future omissions by Member Clubs WILL incur a fine for incomplete team sheet / team details.

Therefore, if you are not sure that a player has been cautioned during the match then it is best to politely check with the referee after the match has finished.



Clubs are reminded that there is no requirement to telephone the match result as ALL results should be reported using the FA Full-Time SMS messaging service.


REFEREE MARKS – Rule 11(D) and Rule 13(H)

Please note that if Member Clubs mark a referee with 60 or under then a written explanation needs to be sent to the Referee’s Secretary (Alan Gould) within 6 days of the match.

These “low-mark” reports will always be sent on to E.C.F.A. so please consider carefully before giving a referee a low mark.

The standard “Referee Report Template for Low Marking” form (pdf) is available on the League website under Clubs / Documents.

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