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Player Commitment – What is it, does it apply to you!

Bradfield Rovers FC Reserves:    0.           Dedham Old Boys FC Reserves: 17.

On Saturday 20th January 2018, a score-line of “0 – 17” was posted on “FA Full-Time” after one particular ESBFL Division Three match, that’s right “0 – 17” but perhaps the score-line does not truly reflect the match-day circumstances.

Now Bradfield Rovers FC, as a club, have had a torrid season, pre-season changes to Team Management and established players leaving as is their right, but the club has continued to field two teams, their Reserves might have called off once this season, their other results have seen numerous double figure or heavy defeats but what do they do, they go out the following week and start again.

In this match they played with only eight (8) players in what were probably, atrocious conditions, but for the record the club received, and this is equally admirable, the following from the Chairman of Dedham Old Boys FC, quote:

“Hi Steve
I just want to say how much we appreciate your reserve team’s commitment today in turning out with only eight men.
It was a brave thing to do when you could have called off.
Please pass on our admiration to your reserve team and manager.
We appreciate it and wish you well for the rest of the season.
Best Regards
Andy Bell
Dedham Old Boys FC”

It’s not often you hear or see praise given by one club to another, many would laugh off the score-line as a joke, it is not, it is serious, to call off any fixture would result in an ESBFL Charge and Fine. It is an easy option for Clubs or Teams to make but should only be made as the last resort, perhaps this example should be considered before future games are called off by teams citing having insufficient players!

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  1. Dave Skingley

    I played in the game for Bradfield and it was tough but we gave it our all and even had a shot on their goal in the first half. However many we conceded we still tried to score instead of just sitting back and keeping the score down. Some would say foolhardy but I say we were playing to the spirit of the game. Also, it was nice to hear the praise from the other side. Much appreciated!

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