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27/10/2018 – REPORT – Belle Vue Social FC versus Gas Recreation FC Reserves





BELLE VUE SOCIAL FC:            3.       GAS RECREATION FC RESERVES:          1.


Date:               Saturday 27th October 2018.           


Venue:             Fords Lane, Mile End, Colchester.


As I arrived at Mile End, often difficult to find these days, through the new housing estate, I counted five sets of goal-nets in place, across the well-appointed sports ground, sadly the car park was almost empty with only one match, this one, being played today, seems the rest were for Sunday football, a sign of the times perhaps, but what a waste of excellent facilities!


On a bright, sunny, but unlike the last match I covered, a very cold and blustery afternoon the referee, who would be assisted by club linesman was the experienced Ricky Johnson and with two teams wanting to play football his task was made so much easier.


Gas kicked-off, but Poole for Belle Vue was quickly caught off-side at the other end, and from a very early stage both teams seemed content to push the ball around and build their attacks except when Gas keeper Penna, found his opposite number, Thorndike who returned the compliment, well the ball at least. A long throw-in from Turner, for Gas, was headed clear by Webb for Belle Vue finding Quinney who played Poole through but when cutting in from the left side blasted his shot high and wide. Almost immediately, Henry was put through by Webb, but keeper, Penna raced out to save with his feet, another part of a positive start from the home team. Quinney played the ball into Poole and when Henry moved up in support it remained for defender Turner to force the forward wide conceding a throw-in taken long by Henry, finding Poole whose firm header was turned over the post and cross-bar by a fine save from keeper, Penna. The corner was quickly cleared by Turner to O’Hara and he tried to set new signing Beeson through, but he was caught off-side as the home defence pushed forward quickly. On ten minutes, Fraser, for Belle Vue got the better of O’Hara and sent in a delightful cross towards Poole who had stepped away from Turner but in doing so just missed connecting with the ball with his head, but the home pressure was mounting. Quinney and Poole combined, not for the first or last time to force keeper, Penna into another smart save at the foot of the left hand upright for a corner, taken by Henry with Penna punching clear then gathering the loose ball at the second attempt.

On fifteen minutes Poole found Quinney then Henry set Fraser away to beat O’Hara with Penna conceding a corner when saving with his feet at the near post, then a throw-in from Henry found Debenham off-side from Poole’s flicked header on. Webb was back to defend when Gas threatened through O’Hara who chased down a pass from Beeson, then Wilson (P) won a midfield challenge, beat two players before over-hitting the final pass to keeper, Thorndike, but a promising period for the Gas. After twenty minutes a throw-in from Henry found Poole who chested the ball down before glancing wide to Webb who thrashed the rising ball over the cross-bar and when play resumed Belle Vue won easy possession and Quinney set Fraser away finding Debenham with Fraser forcing the return ball off O’Hara for a corner. Fraser took the corner, with Beeson heading clear and Binns broke forward to find Beeson only for Hazlewood to block the goal-bound shot on the edge of the penalty area, with the follow up from the ever-youthful Dance hitting Webb, again supporting his defence. On twenty-five minutes the first goal arrived, and it was well worth the wait, Quinney set the move going, finding Webb bursting forward to find Poole who nudged the ball wide into space from where JACK WEBB strode on through the defensive line, to beat the advancing keeper.

Two minutes later, with their tail’s up Belle Vue attacked again, Webb found Debenham who lobbed the ball over the defensive line into the path of Fraser who was clearly held back by last defender O’Hara just on the edge of the penalty area. O’Hara received a caution, a goal scoring chance perhaps, last defender, yes, but the home player would still have had a lot to do to score, so in my opinion the right outcome. A long goal-kick from Penna, found the head of Beeson who controlled the ball beating two defenders before shooting over the cross-bar. At the other end keeper, Penna saved at full stretch to deny Henry and Belle Vue, a goal to the good, but maybe they should have been further ahead but for some sound goal-keeping and dogged defence by the visitors. Webb found Debenham who pushed the ball wide into space where Fraser collected and when he cut inside O’Hara, keeper, Penna put his body in the way and the ball cannoned up and over the cross-bar onto the top of the net, another close call. Fraser took the corner, long to Poole who had peeled away at the far post, but Hazelwood had strayed off-side as Gas pushed out and from the free-kick Hazlewood and Beeson collided inside the centre-circle, both receiving treatment for a clash of heads.

A goal-kick from Penna found Binns running down he left side but his cross flew straight to keeper, Thorndike who rolled the ball out to Webb finding Henry and after another one-two, defender Turner pushed the ball out for a corner-kick. With five minutes to half-time Webb passed to Quinney who played the ball through the defensive line and Poole reached the ball first only for keeper, Penna to make another excellent save as his team were increasingly forced to defend. A shot on the turn from Beeson tested keeper, Thorndike, not a regular keeper I might add, who made a fine diving save and as the half came to an end Quinney and Fraser set up a header for the unmarked Poole, but the ball found the grateful arms of keeper, Penna, standing on his goal-line. I had mentioned one “youthful” player earlier, no questioning his enthusiasm or his opinions nor another player making rare appearances these days, unfortunately Hanney pulled up when chasing the ball across the home defensive line, and he was replaced by Macklin.


HALF-TIME:    1 – 0.  


Belle Vue kicked-off, Webb picked out Debenham who flicked the ball on to BRUCE POOLE whose pace set him through past the stricken Bethell who stumbled, and the forward beat the advancing keeper with ease. Bethell received treatment and was momentarily able to continue and when Gas pushed forward Beeson forced a corner off Webb, again helping-out his defence, however Bethell was replaced by Jackson on forty-nine minutes. The pace of Binns forced a corner taken by Binns himself but this was headed clear by Webb and another corner from Binns followed which was cleared by Quinney to Henry, the counter-attack was on as Poole and Quinney set up Debenham for a shot at goal but keeper, Penna was not troubled. Binns collided with Fraser on the far touch-line and the home player was replaced by Ennew on sixty-three minutes, Beeson thought he should have had a free-kick when going for the same ball with Martyr, looked a fair challenge to me, maybe a bit of frustration was creeping in! Another run by Poole saw his cross blocked by Turner only for Webb to blast the loose bouncing ball high and wide, but his game still looked like it had more goals in it, but who too!

Gas keeper, Penna, denied Poole again taking the ball of his toes in a one-on-one situation nd Belle Vue were keeping the ball much better and it was Webb back defending to take the ball off Dance, substitute Ennew looked lively straight from his introduction and from a pass from Webb he glided past Macklin to force keeper, Penna into another save. On seventy-three minutes Belle Vue replaced Henry with Russell and he set Ennew away down he left side beating Kasprzyuki for pace before crossing with the outside of his right foot to Penna. The third home goal arrive with fifteen minutes remaining, another well worked goal, Quinney and Webb combined to push the ball across the defensive line, Poole stepped over the ball allowing JAMIE ENNEW to run and score. Gas replaced Binns with McCrae taking his place and with ten minutes to go Belle Vue replaced Poole with Moakes. Ennew was upended on the half-way line by a rash challenge from Wilson (P) who was promptly cautioned, no argument about that one either! A corner from Macklin was headed clear by Quinney to Wilson (P) whose shot was parried by keeper, Thorndike with Webb completing the clearance. With the final minutes ticking away Turner fouled Debenham in a fairly central position, Martyr turned down the offer to take the kick, Moakes set himself up but we witnessed probably one of the worst free-kicks ever as the ball was more likely to trouble the corner flag than anybody else! Gas had battled away all half and got a consolation goal, Wilson (P) was fouled by Quinney, the free-kick was quickly taken, Wilson (P) was still sitting on the ground when DAN BEESON latched onto the ball and with the home team suddenly turning off the visitor’s player scored with ease, a goal he deserved as well.


FULL TIME:     3 – 1.


When I decided to pick this game to watch I arrived with various thoughts in my head, both teams have in the past been difficult sides to play against, both teams have historically given match officials a torrid time, today, nothing of the sort, two cautions meted out but rightly so and without question! Belle Vue were the better, more controlled team and they deserved their victory by playing some delightful football at times, the margin should have been greater, that final pass being their downfall. Now, historically, Gas Recreation FC Reserves have form, normally of the wrong type, today I could not fault their effort, it was probably the best performance by that team I have witnessed over many years, even the referee agreed with me, so well done to them, keep it up.


Now for my Player-of-the-Match choice, I’ll start with Gas Recreation FC Reserves, many of the players were, like the management, new to me, they deserve credit for how they played, keeper Penna was excellent throughout and but for him the margin of defeat could have been greater. Defender Turner also played well throughout, and goal-scorer Beeson always looked sharp and with some better service might have scored more goals. Belle Vue, today, played as a team, defensively not over troubled but Martyr, Lewis, Hazelwood and Gasson-Davies dealt with almost everything well, midfielders Quinney, Webb and wide players Hart and Henry played their part in servicing Poole and Debenham in attack. However, despite useful performances by many of these players from his very first clearance to the first goal and an all-round display of defensive and attacking football my nomination is Jack Webb.


Don’t forget, the clocks go back tonight and kick-offs in November through to the end of January are now 2pm with cup-matches half-an-hour earlier, please check FA Full-Time for full details.




BELLE VUE SOCIAL FC:          Colours:            Blue & White Shirts, Blue Shorts and Blue Socks.

Jack Thorndike., Ryan Martyr., Michael Lewis., Jack Webb., Shaun Hazelwood., Daniel Gasson-Davies., Fraser Hart., Wesley Henry., Bruce Poole., Ryan Debenham (C)., Ben Quinney.


Manager:                      Jack Mitchell.

Used Substitutes:          Jamie Ennew., Stuart Russell., Ash Moakes.



GAS RECREATION FC RESERVES:     Colours:            Yellow Shirts, Yellow Shorts and Yellow Socks.

Benjamin Penna., Josh O’Hara., Charlie Turner., Adam Bethell., Steve Wilson., Jakub Kasprzyuki., Kyle Binns., Peter Wilson (C)., David Dance., Dan Beeson., Shaun Hanney.


Managers:                    Gordon (Rob) Robertson

Used Substitutes:          Billy McCrae., Jake Jackson., Jay Macklin

Unused Substitutes:      Macauley Corness.



Referee:                                   Ricky Johnson               (Colne Engaine)



Player-of-the-Match:            Jack WEBB                 (BELLE VUE SOCIAL FC)




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